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  • CP NEO series: here is the second video


Colorno, December 07, 2022 – In this second video, our colleagues from R&D, Sales, and Shanghai branch office will continue to showcase advantages and features of our latest thermoplastic hose series: the CP NEO thermoplastic hoses for forklift trucks.
This project was initially proposed by Transfer Oil branch office in Shanghai, seizing a new business opportunity with two important OEMS in the forklift industry.
Following a close cooperation with customers and thanks to numerous field test results, our R&D team was able to put all this information into practice and further improving the hose, by making it even more flexible and kink resistant to ensure maximum reliability and long life.
To make the CP NEO line more attractive and comprehensive, the new range is now available in a special version for cold environments, keeping an eye on flexibility at extremely low temperatures, and non-conductive version that ensures high safety when operating near high voltage power lines.
The CP NEO range features a special TPU cover, highly resistant to abrasion and weathering, and it is MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) approved.
Available in twin or multiline configuration, The CP NEO series comes in wide range of sizes: from 3/16 to 5/8 for the 210 bar (3000psi) WP version and from 3/16 to 3/8 for the 250 bar (3600psi) version.
Discover the complete technical specifications on our website CP NEO - Transfer Oil S.p.A. - Thermoplastic hoses & Fittings and watch the full story in the video below.