Thermoplastic hydraulic hoses


Thermoplastic constant pressure hose for off-shore high pressure hydraulic applications up to 700 bar (10000 psi)


Thermoplastic constant pressure Micro bore hose for testing and hydraulic applications up to 630 bar (9100 psi)


Twin hose produced by TRANSFER OIL are a result of the joining of two or more hoses by means of a procedure that is unique in the industry and does not undermine the hose integrity. The joining can be made between hose of the same size and specification or between different hose type and size. It is also possible to join electric cable and wires. The use of twin hoses allows simplifying of application requirements: fluid flow, connections to hydraulic and electric supply etc. This item is supplied in coils by TRANSFER OIL. An additional operation is required for assembly involving splitting the twin hose. Proper separation instructions are contained within the "thermoplastic hose installation factors" section.

TRANSFER OIL offer more solutions than the hoses shown here, personalised hose combinations of different types or diameters can also be produced. It is also possible to join hoses to electrical and optical cables.

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