Our production process is designed for maximum efficiency. We track every order from start to finish and ensure regular communication between internal departments, providing our clients with a precision-managed service, from initial consultation to final delivery.



This department works closely with the sales team, which represents a direct link to customer needs.


Every day we receive, check and store a large amount of raw materials: different types of polymers, fibers and steel wire, which are processed on a daily basis by our machinery into high-quality semi-finished and finished products.


Production starts with the extrusion of an inner tube forming the first hose layer. Then tube-reinforcement follows. It can be done using one of two techniques: braiding or spiraling.



The reinforcement is made in braid or spiral. The first one is the most common and is used for low-pressure items, while the latter suits ultra-high-pressure hoses. The reinforced hose is then extruded once again, adding one more layer as protection from external attacks.


The Quality Department checks all incoming material (raw materials, thermoplastic polymers, textile fibers, aramid fibers, steel wires and fittings). Quality Control is also responsible for the inspection and validation of the hose production procedure. During the various stages of hose production (extrusion, reinforcement, outer cover extrusion, packing, hose assembly) samples of the product are collected and tested.


After being produced, the Transfer Oil hose is packaged for sale as per the customer’s requirements. The finished product can be supplied in coils, wound on cardboard or wooden reels, or can be further worked by producing a hose already fitted and ready for use.


Factory and working environment: comfortable, clean and safe


In 2012 we built a new factory with high-tech industrial solutions: an intelligent lighting system, underfloor heating and a solar energy system on the roof covering approximately 1/5 of the energy needed.

Between 2014 and 2016 we have worked hard to obtain the environmental certification ISO 14001, which we regard as good evidence of the care we put into our activities.

Finally, in 2016, we also obtained the OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series. We are very proud of our work and we make sure that it is comfortable, clean and safe.