Logistics and packaging

The key service for our customers

Customer service is one of the key components in our logistics and packaging division.


The vast number of thermoplastic hoses, the large active customer base spread over five continents, as well as an enormous quantity of raw materials and accessories, handled, checked, stored, transformed and shipped every day, make logistics a strategic activity for Transfer Oil.

In-house logistics involves the ability to receive, check and store a considerable amount of raw materials - different kinds of polymers, fibers and steel wires that will be transformed into top quality finished or semi-finished products. Performing all these activities, while at the same time maintaining traceability of the storage, quantity and characteristics of each component, requires great organization, accurate methodology and precise procedures. At any moment in time, Transfer Oil is capable of determining the availability of a product or the progress of a component in the production process.

With a click, customers can check stock availability for hoses, fittings and ferrules at any time. Transfer Oil applies the same attention to outside logistics, as this allows optimization of transport activities, an aspect that is appreciated by our customers.

Transfer Oil hoses can be customized and packaged according to customers’ requirements, in coils of different sizes and lengths, or dispatched on wooden reels for longer lengths. Fittings, ferrules, accessories and hose assemblies are packaged in boxes and tagged with unmistakable identification number.

With reel packaging, Transfer Oil can ship long pieces safely, optimizing the volume being shipped vs. the delivered quantity. When reels are not required, Transfer Oil provides corrugated cardboard packaging which, with its sturdiness, versatility, light weight and total recyclability, provides adequate protection to bulk product.

Continuous research and improvements of our packaging formats have led us to the introduction of octagonal cardboard boxes aimed to optimize shipment of hose assemblies.





Transfer Oil hoses and fittings are packed in stackable cardboard boxes, on EUR pallets (80 x 120) Some products, such as bulky hose reels or bulky coils, may not fit and are therefore not shipped in these cardboard boxes.


Twin and multiline

Most of our hoses are available also in the twin version or the multiline version, also combined with different hose sizes or types. It is also possible to join hoses to electrical and optical cables.



Products packed in coils. Depending on hose size and weight, coils can be of various lengths. On request it is also possible to supply fixed length coils.


Stainless Steel Hose Assemblies

We can supply factory-assembled products (built by us) with stainless steel fittings. This type of product is ideal for all applications requiring increased resistance to aggressive substances and/or protection to corrosive environments.



When long lengths are required, or for hose assembly plants/workshops, or when coil sizes make handling operations difficult, Transfer Oil recommend reel packaging.


Hose Assembly

Hose assemblies made in TO’s manufacturing plant are supplied according to the customer's needs and – on demand – also with imprinted ferrules containing generic or customer specific branding.




The rated working pressure of the application and the flow rate should always be used to determine the correct ID hose selection. Use of the hose within the recommended working pressure will maximize service life before replacement is required. When new, the hose will meet or exceed the minimum burst pressure stated in the hose data sheet. The temperature range specified refers to the recommended temperature limits of fluids being conveyed or ambient temperatures. Exceeding these limits can result in degradation of material compounds, reduced hose service life and premature hose failure.

When ordering hose assemblies, be sure the following information is included:

  • Quantity of hose assemblies required.
  • Hose part number and description.
  • First coupling fitting with thread type.
  • Second coupling fitting with thread type.
  • Overall length of assembly.
  • Hose assembly customization through accessories (protection jacket bend restrictor, hose arrestor, catch ring)