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  • ESG and Sustainability in Transfer Oil

Colorno, November 16th, 2023. We are very pleased in opening a new menu on our website dedicated to ESG and sustainability. In it you will find all the initiatives that reflect our commitment to creating a more environmentally friendly business in harmony with the needs of our customers, employees, the local community, and all other stakeholders.
Our many activities have a positive impact on both our suppliers and customers, thanks to ethical and transparent business practices. These efforts are supported by verified data and international certifications, highlighting our dedication to responsible business conduct and governance.
We have made considerable investments towards sustainability. Just to mention the most important ones, we've implemented a solar park on the roof of our Transfer Oil premises, harnessing renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint. Additionally, we have reached the ESG certification via the rigorous Ecovadis assessment.
In parallel, we have started a robust system for the separate collection of industrial waste, a critical step in minimizing our environmental impact. These strategic initiatives testify our strong approach to sustainability, contributing to responsible and efficient waste management practices.
Discover the many sustainability initiatives we have undertaken and stay informed about upcoming projects in the Sustainability menu on the Transfer Oil website.