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  • Transfer Oil products: CNG refueling hoses

COLORNO, Italy - January 19, 2022 - In the second video focused on Transfer Oil products, we talk about CNG hoses, fittings and accessories developed for Compressed Natural Gas refueling dispensers.
Fully certified according to the ANSI/CSA safety standard for hoses used in natural gas dispensing systems (Class A – D), our CNG hoses feature a special construction that ensures minimal permeation while the conductive inner core dissipates any electric static build up.
At the same time, the tough polyurethane cover is highly resistant to abrasion and weathering, including ozone and UV light, resulting in the hose long life. Last but not least, Transfer Oil CNG hoses are built to guarantee low volumetric expansion for precise refueling, and, thanks to their light construction, they are easy to handle when refueling your vehicle at the fuel dispenser.
All CNG hoses and assemblies undergo more than 15 severe tests to assure high quality and constant performance that you expect from a Transfer Oil hose product. Follow this link to learn more about our CNG range.