New release of the technical data sheet and crimping diameters

New version of the file is available with some new updates on products.

COLORNO, Italy – March 30, 2020 - Today we release the latest update of the chart with the technical data and crimping diameters of our thermoplastic hoses.

The file, divided in two main families TO HYDRAULIC and TO INDUSTRIAL, is following the same order of the products present in our website and catalogue.

Every page includes the data relevant to every single product subdivided by dimension, namely:

- part No

- description

- internal dimension of the hose expressed in dash size, inches, DN and mm

- OD dimension

- minimum working pressions (WP) and maximum burst pressures (BP) expressed in bar and psi

- ferrule recommended by Transfer Oil, with the related dimensions and crimping diameters in mm and inches.

The listed crimping data have been developed in Transfer Oil R&D laboratories and refer to tests carried out on thermoplastic hoses manufactured by Transfer Oil, and specific Transfer Oil approved ferrules and fittings.


For new applications or for hoses, ferrules and fittings not listed in this file please contact us, and we will be happy to help you in finding the best match.


The update of this issue:

- Crimping diameter of part number 0608, 1839

- New OD for hoses 0484, 0404, 0414, 0464, 1507, 06071854, 1862, 1817

- New ID for: 1854, 0604


We kindly remind you that the file in its complete version, in PDF format, is freely downloadable from our website in the section relative to our literature download.


The single page is available in the product page on the online catalogue, in the right part just below the hose image.

The entire sales team remain at your disposal in case you need any further information.


Our sales team is available to provide any further information you may require. Contact us at our e-mail address

Transfer Oil S.p.A., founded in 1979, are today one of the major independent thermoplastic hose manufacturer for medium, high and very high pressures.

Through a network made of the most relevant distributors of each industry, Transfer Oil hose products are distributed in 65 different countries.

With a total capacity of more than 13 million meters (42 million feet) per year, Transfer Oil are active in several industries such as general hydraulic systems for fork-lifts, aerial platforms, cranes, mobile devices, rescue tooling, or industrial application such as high pressure sewer jetting, hydrogen & CNG refilling systems, gas and water supply, paint spray markets, air conditioning and refrigeration but also niche markets such as air breathing, high temperature applications and aggressive fluids are being serviced with Transfer Oil hoses.

Today range count three major segments: TO HYDRAULIC (thermoplastic hoses for hydraulic applications), TO INDUSTRIAL (thermoplastic hoses for industrial applications) and GOMAX (thermoplastic hoses and fittings for air conditioning and refrigeration).

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