185 - H2 REFUEL 10k

Thermoplastic antistatic hose for Hydrogen refuelling applications up to 700 bar (10000 psi).

Technical details

Inner Tube

Coextruded conductive polyamide and polyamide PA12


One or two braids of aramid fiber plus one braid of steel wire


Polyurethane - turquoise - pinpricked - black ink jet branding


Very High Pressure hose suitable for hydrogen applications


Combined aramid steel braid construction for compact design. Lightweight and flexible. Low bend radii for use on hose reels and in tight environments. Antiabrasion cover with water, micro biological, ultraviolet and ozone resistance. Pinpricked cover.


High pressure hose suitable for hydrogen refueling applications featuring metallic braid and special conductive inner tube to dissipate static electric build up. Extra tough cover for abrasion water and micro biological resistance. Rugged construction to give kink, crush, twist and pull resistance. Connection hose from dispenser to fuelling nozzle for gaseous compressed hydrogen. Use with hydrogen gas, high pressure, low-temperature (≥ -40°C).

Temperature Range

-40 °C to 80 °C (-40 °F to 176 °F)