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  • Reuse of production waste

Transfer Oil has started a project for the reduction and recovery of waste produced during the extrusion process of the inner core of thermoplastic hoses.
The project includes two main steps: the first improves scrap management and reduces the physical effort of the operator who, thanks to a dedicated system, avoids retrieving and cutting discarded inner tube sections. In this way, in addition to significantly reducing the risk of injury, the workflow is more streamlined with more precise separation of different types of waste.


The second step of the process includes the requalification of the recovered polymers and the qualitative verification of their properties. Based on the results obtained, the polymers can also be used for new production or alternatively recycled to produce other plastic products.
At the same time, the extrusion lines have been improved with the addition of electronic control systems that, thanks to complete monitoring of the line, make it possible to optimize the use of raw material resulting in reduced waste at the end of the extrusion phase.
The project is currently in the initial study phase and will come into full swing during 2024 when the first tests will be launched.