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  • Transfer Oil products: VHP hoses

COLORNO, Italy - February 2, 2022 - In the third video about Transfer Oil product lines, we explore our hoses dedicated to Very High Pressure. Developed to assure reliability and long life even on the most demanding applications, the VHP range features a hybrid reinforcement made of steel and aramid braids capable to deliver both pressure performance and high mechanical resistance, even in the hardest working conditions.
Designed to be compact and lightweight, Transfer Oil VHP series ensure easy handling and allow to coil longer lengths on standard reels. The highly abrasion resistant cover – available in various colors – grants long lifespan, while an extremely wide selection of fittings allow to match the most differentiated connections and quick release couplings.
In addition, thanks to its low volumetric expansion even under high working pressure, our VHP hoses reduce response time of the hydraulic tool. Available as twin line and non conductive version, VHP hoses from Transfer Oil match the requirements of a vast variety of equipment such as: lifting jacks, rescue tools, nut splitters, torque tools, rerailing systems and bolt tensioning devices.
All these applications will find in our VHP hose range the ideal flexible partner to convey over long distances continuous high pressure in a safe and efficient way. Discover complete specs on our website: