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  • Transfer Oil products: the Hydraulic line

COLORNO, Italy - December 9, 2021 - As widely anticipated in a detailed article, introducing a new video series about our most representative hose products, we are now launching the first clip, focused on the hydraulic product line.
In a casual conversation, our team highlights the many advantages of thermoplastic hoses towards traditional hydraulic hoses; in fact, being compact and lighter, Transfer Oil thermoplastic hoses allow smaller cable reels with larger hose capacity, while thermoplastic polymers offer higher resistance to UV radiation, ozone and seawater resulting in an extended lifecycle of the hose.
Our hydraulic range answers successfully to demanding requirements in terms of pressure and number of impulse cycles being the perfect solutions for a vast number of applications such as lifting equipment - cranes or platforms - hydraulic attachments, offshore installations, and many others. Follow this link to learn more about our TO Hydraulic hose range.