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  • Transfer Oil products: ECOLOGY hoses

COLORNO, Italy - March 30, 2022 - In this fourth clip about Transfer Oil product lines, we explore the ECOLOGY™ range specifically developed for the cleaning of residential, commercial and industrial sewer lines. Well-known and respected in the market, the ECOLOGY™ series was launched in 2003 and soon became soon a benchmark in Transfer Oil’s range thanks to its excellent performances in terms of reliability and long life.
Available in sizes from 3/16” to 1+1/2”, the ECOLOGY™ hoses feature a tough polyurethane cover impregnated into braided reinforcement for high resistance to abrasion and long life while a smooth and seamless inner core increases water flow and reduces back pressure.
All ECOLOGY™ hoses have a compact and flexible construction which allows for easier routing, less friction and increases total reel capacity maximizing overall pump performance.
The special reinforcement allows a wide range of working pressures (from 175 to 280 bar | 2500 – 4000 psi), and makes the hose extremely light, ensuring ease of use during cleaning operations.
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