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  • Transfer Oil again among the “Imprese Champion”

Colorno, April 10th, 2024. We are pleased to announce that once again, Transfer Oil has been included in the prestigious list of Imprese Champion, according to the analysis conducted by ItalyPost's Study Center for “L'Economia del Corriere della Sera”. This recognition, which we have achieved in the past as well, is a testament to the constant commitment of all our collaborators in their work and dedication towards Transfer Oil.
During the meeting promoted by ItalyPost at the evocative location Le Village by Crédit Agricole, Ugo Ferrari and Pietro Santoro, CEO and Finance Manager of Transfer Oil respectively, had the opportunity to present, guided by the questions of Caterina Della Torre and Filiberto Zovico from ItalyPost, the growth strategies that have allowed Transfer Oil to once again obtain this prestigious recognition. Despite market challenges, in 2022 we recorded a significant increase in revenue, exceeding 30 million euros and indicating a growth of 19% compared to the previous year, with an average EBITDA of 29% over the last three years.
These results not only allowed us to be once again present in this ranking, which includes the 1000 most performing companies in Italy but also highlight our resilience and our ability to successfully navigate even in the most complicated times, maintaining a solid growth path.
A distinctive element of our commitment involves the initiatives related to #ESG and sustainability, including our investment in a solar park and several other actions towards sustainability, such as the preparation of our first Sustainability Report scheduled for the second half of 2024.
The confirmation among the Champion Companies is a recognition that we welcome with great satisfaction and motivates us to continue our efforts to ensure not only the growth of our company and the well-being of our collaborators but also to positively contribute to the socioeconomic context in which we operate.
For more details on our sustainability initiatives, we invite you to visit the dedicated section on our website and discover our solar park in the dedicated video.
This milestone represents for us an incentive to continue our daily commitment, aware that every step forward is the result of teamwork and a shared vision towards a sustainable and successful future.