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  • Noi di Transfer Oil: the braiding department

Colorno, June 29th, 2023. After the extrusion of the inner tube, we come to another crucial step in the Transfer Oil hose production process. The second episode of the series “Noi di Transfer Oil” is focused to the braiding department where the reinforcement is applied to the inner tube coming from the extrusion. The reinforcement, which can be in textile or aramid fiber or steel wires, is intended to contain the pressure, which, for the highest-performance hose range, comes close to 4,000 bar; this tells us how delicate and important this production stage is.

The braiding department is the largest in the entire company and includes, in addition to spooling, nearly a hundred machines. Our colleagues tell us about it in terms of commitment, collaboration, teamwork, and growth. Values that support the activity of every person at Transfer Oil and enable us to achieve even the most ambitious goals.
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