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  • More solutions for sewer jetting applications


COLORNO, January 15, 2020 - Among water applications, sewer jetting is one of the most demanding. To cope with rapidly increasing needs of this sector, Transfer Oil has developed 3 new Ecology hoses: 110T, 112T, 113T that are ideal for harsh, wet and severe environments and, the same time, they are robust enough to ensure long life and constant performances under heavy duty uses.

Every Ecology hose features a durable PU cover with high resistance against abrasion, UV and micro-biological attack while the smooth and seamless continuous polymer inner tube offers excellent resistance to hydrolysis.

In addition, reduced bend radius, as well as compact dimensions, ensure easier routing in small constricted areas and, due to light construction, the ease of use and handling during operations are assured.

Coming in sizes of 1+1/2”, the new Ecology hoses are the ideal solution when large amounts of waterflow are needed matching perfectly high-performance pumps requirements.

The new 1+1/2" Ecology hoses are available in long lengths factory made assemblies coupled with M/F BSP or M/M NPT fittings while other fittings configurations are available on request.

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