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  • IFAT exhibition 2024

Colorno, May 7th, 2024 – The IFAT exhibition is rapidly approaching, and the water, sewage, and wastewater sector has shown a positive response, with over 3,000 exhibitors from 54 countries converging at the Munich exhibition venue from May 13 to 17.
Transfer Oil is set to make a significant appearance at this event with an expanded and updated booth. The spotlight at the Transfer Oil booth will be on the Ultra High Pressure water series, a niche market segment we have been pioneering since 2012. Overcoming this sector's challenges, including pressure resistance, hose durability under extreme conditions, and ensuring operator safety to prevent injuries from hose bursts, has been a hard endeavor.
Since 2012 we have conducted thousands of tests, analyzed numerous materials for hose reinforcement to withstand extreme pressures, and examined cover materials for maximum abrasion resistance. Our research extended to ferrules and fittings, seeking the most reliable combinations with the hose. We also focused on the overall assembly to maintain consistent performance throughout the entire hose's lifespan. Moreover, we considered the operational conditions—environment, temperature, and the media carried by these hoses, such as water, gas or oil—to understand that creating a series of accessories like protection covers, bend restrictors and hose arrestors was essential for prolonging service life and ensuring safety of the operator.
With these comprehensive insights and years of technical enhancements, we are proud to showcase at IFAT the Helix® range, specifically designed for Ultra High Pressure applications. Maintaining the quality of Transfer Oil's standard hose ranges, the Helix® series now allows us to cover virtually every pressure range that a thermoplastic hose can reach with the technology known today.
At IFAT, our focus will be on UHP hoses tailored for heat exchanger cleaning and hydro demolition equipment. Helix® hoses fore tube cleaning are exceptionally thin and paired with our specially designed TO Blast fittings, feature a compact size that easily slide inside narrow tubes. For hydro demolition the Helix® hoses achieve an optimal balance between performance and weight, facilitating ease of use and efficient handling during operations.
Every UHP assembly undergoes 100% testing and is available through our branches in Shanghai, Singapore, and Houston, or through certified assemblers. Additionally, our UHP hose line complies with WJTA-IMCA standard color coding and is complemented by a comprehensive range of dedicated fittings and accessories that enhance safety and prevent hose damage under severe conditions.
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