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COLORNO, November 4, 2019 - With 4 spirals of high-tensile steel wire, the new 4SW-HT hose can reach a max working pressure of 1.100 bar (16k psi) ensuring a safety factor of 4:1 (burst pressure 4.400 bar - 64k psi).

PVDF used for inner core and outer jacket offers low permeability rate and high resistance to aggressive fluids or gases making this hose excellent for Oil & Gas industry and chemical injection equipment. Moreover, the PVDF allows a wider temperature range than other polymers enabling the 4SW-HT hose to operate from -20° up to +130° (-4°F to + 266°F).

The new 4SW-HT comes with dedicated fittings for optimal performance and is available in 3/16 size (DN5) and light grey colour.