Part No. Description
   *  The Coning tool is supplied without any coning cutter nor collet. All accessories should be ordered separately.

Part No. Description ID J
DD14000021C25 CONING CUTTER 1/4 OD-MP 20K 1/4" n.a.
DD14000022C25 CONING CUTTER 3/8 OD-MP 20K 3/8" n.a.
DD14000023C25 CONING CUTTER 9/16 OD-MP 20K 9/16" n.a.
DD14000024C25 CONING CUTTER 1/4 OD-HP 60K 1/4" n.a.
DD14000025C25 CONING CUTTER 3/8 OD-HP 60K 3/8" n.a.
DD14000026C25 CONING CUTTER 9/16 OD-HP 60K 9/16" n.a.

Part No. Description ID J
DD12000009P00 COLLET DIN6343 06-07MM n.a. 1/4"-28 UNF-2A LH
DD12000010P00 COLLET DIN6343 09-10MM n.a. 3/8"-24 UNF-2A LH
DD12000011P00 COLLET DIN6343 14-15MM n.a. 9/16"-18 UNF-2A LH