Standard inserts for micro bore flexible hoses

Micro Bore British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP)

Popular couplings British Standard Pipe (BSP) threads, also known as Whitworth threads. The BSPP (parallel) male will mate with a BSPP (parallel) female or a female port. The BSPP male has straight threads and a 30

Micro Bore SAE J514 370 (JIC)

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifies a 37? angle flare or seat be used with high pressure hydraulic tubing. These are commonly called JIC couplings. The JIC 37? flare male will mate with a JIC female only. The JIC male has straight threads and a 37? flare seat. The JIC female has straight threads and a 37? flare seat. The seal is made on the 37? flare seat by establishing a line contact between the male flare and the female cone seat. The threads hold the connection mechanically.

Micro Bore DIN 2353 - 3865 24°

The DIN 24° cone male will mate with any of the three females listed: Female 24° cone with O-Ring, Female metric tube, Female Universal or 60° cone.The male has a 24° seat, straight metric threads, and a recessed counterbore with matches the tube O.D. used with it.The mating female may be a 24° cone with O-ring (DKO type), a metric tube fitting or a universal 24° or 60° cone.There is a light and heavy series DIN coupling. Proper identification is made by measu ring both the thread size and the tube O.D. (the heavy series has a smaller tube O.D. than the light, but has a thicker wall section).


A metric standpipe is comprised of three components attached to a male f tting. The components are: a Standpipe, Bite Sleeve and Metric Nut. The nut is placed over the Standpipe, followed by the Bite Sleeve. For DIN light assemblies, a DIN light metric nut is used. For DIN heavy assemblies, a DIN heavy metric nut is used. The Bite Sleeve and Standpipe are selected on the basis of tube O.D.


Different fittings for thermoplastic flexible hoses, standpipes, 90° elbow pipe or nut connection