141 - VHP 10000 TWIN

Thermoplastic hose MSHA approved with combined reinforcements for very high pressure hydraulic applications from 350 to 700 bar (5000 to 10000 psi)

Technical details

Inner Tube

Polyester elastomer


One or two braids of aramid fiber plus one braid of steel wire


Polyurethane - black - non pinpricked - white inkjet branding


Rescue and safety equipment - High pressure systems and pumps - Bolt tensioning tools - Jacking and rerailing equipment


Combined Aramid Steel braid construction for compact design - Lightweight and flexible - Light bend radii for use on hose reels and in tight environments - Antiabrasion cover.


Exceeds the former American Jacking Specifications IJ100 (1/4") - Very High Pressure hose suitable for petroleum or synthetic or water based hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems - Combined Aramid Steel braid ensures longevity pressure performance and compact design. Approved by MSHA - Mine Safety and Health Administration - number IC-305.

Temperature Range

-40 °C to 100 °C (-40 °F to 212 °F): limited to 70 °C ( 158 °F) for air and water based fluids

Vacuum Rating

-0,93 bar; -700 mm Hg|-13,5 psi; -27,5 inch Hg