135 - R18 CPLT 3000 TWIN

Thermoplastic constant pressure hose with low temperature specifications (-55 °C/-67 °F) for hydraulic applications up to 210 bar (3000 psi)

Technical details

Inner Tube

Polyester elastomer


One or two braids of synthetic fiber


Special polyester - black - pinpricked - white ink-jet branding


Forklift handling - All industrial and agricultural applications exposed to low temperatures or cyclic and quick temperature changes


2 polyester braid construction from 1/4"-DN6 onwards - Optimum bonding between the tube the braids and the cover - Special polyester cover resistant to low temperatures and meteorological harsh conditions - Tight bend radii without cover wrinkling


Meets or exceeds SAE 100R18 specifications - Medium pressure hose suitable for petroleum or synthetic based hydraulic fluids in hydraulic systems of forklifts. Optimum bonding characteristics and special cover also make it the ideal hose for equipment operating in cold environments while maintaining a high level of flexibility.

Temperature Range

-55 °C to 100 °C (-67 °F to 212 °F): limited to 70 °C ( 158 °F) for air and water based fluids

Vacuum Rating

-0,93 bar; -700 mm Hg|-13,5 psi; -27,5 inch Hg


SAE 100R18 // ISO3949-R18

Standard Branding

 - TO HYDRAULIC - Part No - R18 CPLT 3000 - CONSTANT PRESSURE LOW TEMP - SAE 100R18-Dash Size - Inch Size - DN Size - WP bar / psi - MADE IN ITALY - www.transferoil.com - Batch No