Thermoplastic constant pressure Micro bore hose for testing and hydraulic applications up to 630 bar (9100 psi)

Technical details

Inner Tube

Polyester elastomer


One braid of aramid fiber


Anti-grip polyurethane - black - pinpricked - white ink-jet branding


Pressure test equipment and test points - General mini hydraulic equipment using capillary hoses in confined areas - Automotive roof opening systems - Bicycle braking systems


Aramid braid construction - Very flexible and lightweight - Kink resistance - Anti sticky cover properties allows use of hose bundles for easy routing


High pressure hose suitable for petroleum synthetic or water based hydraulic fluids in hydraulic mini systems: connections to pressure gauges or pressure switches and transducers. Hydraulic roof opening systems for convertible cars. Also suitable for gas transfer. Special fitting range also available. Also available as factory made assemblies. Please contact to our sales office for further details.

Temperature Range

-40 °C to +100 °C (-40 °F to +212 °F): limited to +70 °C (+158 °F) for air and water based fluids

Vacuum Rating

-0,93 bar; -700 mm Hg|-13,5 psi; -27,5 inch Hg

Transfer Oil thermoplastic hose are compatible with many eco-fluids and biodegradable fluids, including many new ecological hydraulic oils, as used more often in the industry. Although these fluids are positive for the environment thanks to their ecological properties, at the same time they can be extremely aggressive on hoses, especially on traditional rubber hoses. It is everybody’s responsibility to respect our environment. In this way it is important to consider that Transfer Oil thermoplastic hoses, after their service life, can be recycled as raw material for non engineered products. A responsible choice for our future.