Item 1835 - 1/2 SW AGGRESSIVE CHEM
Overall product q.ty 72 m / 236 ft
Semi-finished product q.ty On demand
Ready for shipment product q.ty 72 m / 236 ft

The quantity indicated does not take into account any changes to original schedule, new orders, restocking or other factors. For actual status always check with Transfer Oil sales team.

Further information about product availability, delivery times and fixed length requirements are available contacting our sales office sending an email at


Ready for shipment product qty:

Products ready for shipment may need from 1 to approximately 10 working days for complete order fulfillment.


Semi-finished product qty:

Finishing operations for semi finished products may need from 5 to approximately 20 working days before being able to completely fulfill the order.


Times indicated are purely indicative and not binding for Transfer Oil, which are subject to variation depending on hose type and quantity requested.

Requests for fixed lengths, or any other length limitations, are subject to extra charge.