Transfer Oil @ MDA Hannover 2015 | Hall 21 Stand E30

On the market since 1979, we continue to maintain our leading edge via continuous product management developments to ensure that we meet and exceed the ever increasing challenges of some of the more demanding market sectors.

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COLORNO, Italy - March 24th, 2015 - Transfer Oil are pleased to invite you to meet with us at the upcoming Hannover Messe, held in the city of Hannover (Germany) starting on Monday April the 13th and finishing on Friday April the 17th.

As usual our entire sales team will be in attendance for this important event and we are all looking forward to welcoming you to join us on our stand in Hall 21 - Stand E30.

Those of you who visited our stand during the previous Hannover Messe in 2013, or followed our website news, will probably remember that we announced the formation of a new business division to develop our all new Helix range of multi spiral thermoplastic hoses for the Ultra High Pressure markets.

We are now proud to confirm that, after two years of intensive development, the Helix hose range now consists of seven innovative multi spiral hose families, with a total of 33 different hoses, with working pressures ranging from 690 to 2800 bar (10000 to 40600 psi).

Complemented by a wide range of dedicated ferrule and fitting combinations totalling more than 280 part numbers, we also offer a broad variety of dedicated accessories such as protection jackets, bend restrictors, hose arrestors and quick release couplings to meet the majority needs.

On show we will also have our well known and globally appreciated braided thermoplastic hoses (TO HYDRAULIC – TO INDUSTRIAL). On the market since 1979, we continue to maintain our leading edge via continuous product management developments to ensure that we meet and exceed the ever increasing challenges of some of the more demanding market sectors.

For instance, the globally recognised MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) following exhaustive test schedules have now fully approved and certified some of the more representative hose families of our comprehensive range of TO Hydraulic & TO Industrial products..

All of these products, our VHP 10K, SAE 100R7 and SAE 100 R8, families, the well established 1 and 2 Steel Braid variants together with many others, will be on show at our booth, together with our newly enhanced and extended range of custom made ferrules & inserts.

The MSHA specification is particularly renowned within the rubber hose industry, where this approval is widely recognised as a pre-requisite for the majority of mining related applications around the world. It has also become synonymous with high quality as a safety standard, due to the demanding level of flame resistant characteristics required, so much so that it has been taken up as the benchmark for other non-mining related market sectors where quality and safety are paramount.

Furthermore we are continually working to obtain more prestigious certificates and achievements: if you are willing to know more about these upcoming news, you are more than welcome on our stand.

Looking forward to discussing with you the new projects. Thank you for the constant support in our products and our organization.

See in you in Hannover!!

Our sales team is available to provide any further information you may require. Contact us at our e-mail address

Transfer Oil S.p.A., founded in 1979, are today one of the major independent thermoplastic hose manufacturer for medium, high and very high pressures.

Through a network made of the most relevant distributors of each industry, Transfer Oil hose products are distributed in 65 different countries.

With a total capacity of more than 13 million meters (42 million feet) per year, Transfer Oil are active in several industries such as general hydraulic systems for fork-lifts, aerial platforms, cranes, mobile devices, rescue tooling, or industrial application such as high pressure sewer jetting, hydrogen & CNG refilling systems, gas and water supply, paint spray markets, air conditioning and refrigeration but also niche markets such as air breathing, high temperature applications and aggressive fluids are being serviced with Transfer Oil hoses.

Today range count three major segments: TO HYDRAULIC (thermoplastic hoses for hydraulic applications), TO INDUSTRIAL (thermoplastic hoses for industrial applications) and GOMAX (thermoplastic hoses and fittings for air conditioning and refrigeration).

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our sales office:


Transfer Oil S.p.A.
Via Sacca, 64
43052 - Colorno

tel. +39 0521 3139 or 011 39 0521 3139 (for USA and Canada)

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Transfer Oil @ Hannover MDA Hall 21 - Stand E30

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