Logistic & Packaging

Two different kinds of packaging are available for our products:

Heavy Duty Re-inforced Carton mounted on a Euro pallet 80 x 120 x 105 h (approx 1 m3 available volume): this packaging is ideal for transportation of hose coils, boxes (fittings) or packs (fittings).

Due to the high quality of the materials utilised and the robust structure (fully reinforced angles and top closure), it offers excellent weather and UV protection and provides greater resistance against mishandling during transportation. Cartons can be readily stacked on top of one another to optimise available space during transportation and in storage.

Hose reel on pallet: since its introduction the demand for this packaging has grown as this is by far the best solution when a large quantity of hose is needed, or when long lengths are required.

The loaded reels are secured with the outside of the hose protected by covering of transparent film.
On request, inventory tags detailing the individual length of the coils, in chronological order (outside to inside), can be attached to the side flange.
Larger hoses, particularly long lengths, high volume or heavy weight. Different styles / sizes of drums are also readily available.

Transfer Oil can offer solutions from a selection of 8 different hose reels, the largest of which can carry in excess of 4000 mtrs of typical 1/4” hose.

Utilising our High – capacity reels more than 15.000 mtrs of hose could be transported on only 2 pallets, which otherwise would have taken more than 10 cardboard pallets providing a significant saving of transportion and handling costs!

We will continue to search for improvements to offer cost saving solutions on transport or warehousing, which again highlights the typical service minded business approach of Transfer Oil.

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