TP hose benefits

In general Thermoplastic hoses are well known for characteristics that are normally compared to those of rubber hoses.


Lightweight, between 30-50% of that of conventional rubber hose. Reduced diameters facilitates the use of higher capacity hose reels.

Reduced bend radii

This ensures easier routing in restricted and small enveloped areas.

Longer shelf life

Will not degrade when stored under correct conditions.

Minimal volumetric expansion

Due to lower elongation properties of reinforcing yarn braids. Means reduced pressure loss, faster response time of hydraulic circuits, reduced oil / fluid consumption.

Easier handling

Generally easier and cleaner handling in the workshop. Fabric braided hoses can be cut/prepared without the need for high powered cutting equipment in some cases simple hand or blade cutting equipment can be use.


Thermoplastic hose can be bonded together as simple twin-line or in a variety of combinations of hose of differing pressures, tubes for electrical conduits or in certain applications with electrical cables.

have compact designs

the lower elongation properties of our yarn braid reinforced products ensures minimal volumetric expansion during operation.

Reducing pressure loss and optimising response time and efficiencies of hydraulic circuits and equipment.

have extruded outer covers

which are Polyurethane or Polyester based elastomers. Available in a wide variety of colours, all cover materials are UV stabilised and are highly resistant to abrasion ensuring extended service life.

Cover variations include properties that are resistant to a wide range of fluids, chemicals and extremities of temperature and atmospheric conditions.

have extruded smooth

seamless inner tube construction that ensures superior flow characteristics with minimal friction loss and optimum pressure drop performance.

have engineered integrity

via manufacturing processes that ensure critical dimensions are continuously controlled and monitored throughout the production stages.

have been rigorously tested

and approved with our own extensive range of hydraulic insert and ferrule combinations. In addition to maintaining a comprehensive program of compatibility testing with some of the leading hydraulic fitting suppliers, in support of our Global Distribution Partners.

have tube properties

which are Polyester or Polyamide based elastomers offering greater versatility and compatibility with a wide range of fluids, gasses and aggressive chemicals. With minimal diffusion rates for most gaseous media.


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