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Today range count two major segments:

  • TO HYDRAULIC: thermoplastic hoses for hydraulic applications.
  • TO INDUSTRIAL: thermoplastic hoses for industrial applications.

The high pressure hose production offered by Transfer Oil ranges from 2 mm (5/64”) to 54 mm (2 1/8”).

This is one of the widest range available on the market for a variety of hydraulic or industrial applications: hydraulic systems, aggressive solvents and fluids, very high pressure rescue equipment, gas transfer, food industry and much more.

TO UHP - Ultra High Pressure

When Transfer Oil introduced, a few years back, an all-new range of multispiral UHP hoses, that was undoubtedly a milestone in our history, as well as a well-received news for the market. We knew this would have been only the first step in the direction indicated by our ambitious plan, the vision to become a point of reference in the UHP industry, a partner capable to provide not only flexible high pressure hoses, but also all the complementary products that, as much as the hose, contributes to the good functioning of a UHP system. 

Thi vision led us to this new project. We are now manufacturing and assembling our extensive range of UHP valves, adaptors, fittings and accessories all proudly made in Transfer Oil.

Our range is also completed by UHP Tubing and in this way making our product range wide enough to offer solutions for every UHP need in the industry. 



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