15k psi (1034 bar)

All products designed for pressures up to 15k psi (1034 bar)

DVDNA - Straight

2 ways needle valve 15k psi (1034 bar)

DVDNB - Angle

2 ways needle valve 15k psi (1034 bar)

DVDNC - Three way two pressure

Needle valve 15k psi (1034 bar)

DVDND - Three way one pressure

Three way needle valve Up to 15,000 psi (1034 bar)

DBDNA - Straight ball valve

Straight ball valve

DADNG - Straight soft check valve

Stainless steel O-Ring check valve

DADNH - Straight ball check valve

Stainless steel ball check valve

DADNI - Straight bulk head

Stainless steel bulkhead coupling

DADNA - Elbow coupling

Stainless steel Elbow

DADNB - Tee coupling

Stainless steel Tee

DADNC - Cross coupling

Stainless steel Cross


Stainless steel Cap

DADNK - Plug

Stainless steel Plug

DADND - Union coupling

Stainless steel Union coupling